Beauty and Strength

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great day!

I have been busy creating Good Word devotionals (printables in my etsy shop)

with clipart to use in my planner and in my Bible Study.

Its available HERE

I love adding encouraging words and quotes and tabs to my planner and Bible.

These colors are reminiscent of Spring colors.

Print and cut. I printed the PDF on white card stock and also full sheet sticker adhesive paper I found at Staples and at Walmart. Instant stickers when I need them.

Once it is printed out I usually use

a paper cutter for bigger items and little scissors or paper punches for little items, pictures or letters. I used a mediim sized round paper pinch to use with the letters that come in this listing.

Print, cut, paste and start layering for a shabby cottage look.

I enjoy the idea of adding things to my planner and Bible. So I will add decorative art, words or quotes…..

because my handwriting often looks like Chicken scratch!


Well that is it for today!

Debbie Mills Booth

Philippians 4:8

Whatsoever things are Lovely….think on these things

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