Incredible Time Recipe

It is enjoyable to me to read organizing articles. The ones that will help you organize and straighten what you have. I tend to be very artistic and less organized. So I educate myself how to strengthen myself in that unknown territory!

When its cold outside I tend to do projects inside.

So my goal is easy…ACCOMPLISH what I need to accomplish in my life.

Make time to do things Id like, bring order to disorder. Reduce clutter in my work space, closet, bedroom….

Those places first.

#1 Rule is to get everything out that you don’t use or need.

Makes sense….why clean and put away what isnt needful? Make room for Lovely and Delightful things (Philippians 4:8).

Here is how I started.

I put like things together. All the coffee cups go in a cupboard…by the coffee maker. All the pens and pencils together…etc.

But my Time Recipe works!

Take paper and pen with you so you can write things down because youll miraculously start remembering a million things!

Maybe write yourself a note of encouragement too!

30 minutes a day. Either while you are watching something, on the phone, kind of multi tasking…

Get your wallet, your junk drawer, your bill basket your unmatched socks haha whatever you need to jump into and take 30 minutes and dive all the way in. No breaks. No social media.

No stopping and going in the other room for something. Put on loud music or a show that’s loud….one that drowns put your thoughts that say I should do something else!

And devote 30 minutes to accomplishing your task.

Stacked papers? I have an easy rule for myself….I go through a stack of papers with a pad of sticky notes or a notebook and for 1 tv show that lasts 30 minutes I go through the stack. I try to throw away as much as possible. And I make little reminders for myself. File, pay, mail, etc.

30 minutes a day at the end of the week is 3 1/2 Hours! That is huge!

Do you know how much you can accomplish in 3 1/2 hours?!?!

I get up early to do my devotions, and anchor myself.

Then I get ready for work. After I get home from work I try to do 30 minutes of something productive. Thats my recipe and I’m sticking to it!

Debbie Booth

Ecclesiastes 9:10 Whatever your hand finds to do do it!

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