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Hey everyone! I am so glad to have electricity. We have been part of the #cranstonfire here in S. California, about 8 miles from the actual fire….and all of our power grid where we live (in a rural area) was destroyed. We have gone several days without power, water, any type of anything! If it plugged in we couldn’t use it.

But our amazing power company that is small, brought in Industrial sized generators and is giving us a few hours each day of power. Which leads me to the next thing that happened.

We were without power and water, and neighbors, friends, church members started bringing us water, ice, a generator to plug necessary things into. Helping us water all our livestock and animals.  We had already lost all our food in the fridge, but we were able to plug in small appliances into the generator.

Scripture Journaling 4 Squares

Because of the seriousness of the situation we needed help quick and needed water quick.  Water bottles and our supply of water wasn’t enough for our bigger farm animals. But by the end of the first day, our needs were met, and our problems were in the process of being solved.

I created this simple document above that is printable on white copy paper 8.5 x 11″ or even card stock. Right click to save it to your computer and then print out as many as needed. This is a free  printable so please make sure to give credit if sharing. When printed it can fit on a planner page, notebook or a journal page.

It was important to me to write down the things that happened to us, the problems solved, and the process and direction it took. I wanted to look back at this time and remember it. I wanted to document these days….they were hot (112 degrees hot) and they were messy. But we also saw amazing things happen and our neighbors come together.

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Laundry and washing things….well it has been interesting!

If the power came on at 2:00 AM we got up and did laundry, because we knew we had the option of taking care of business during these 2 hour frames we’d been given.


The good news is we are tougher than we realize, and we can endure, because we have to! And I may have grown up camping and this was a lot like that except in my house!! Hahaha….

I hope you have had a great week. Enjoy your water and your air conditioner, because I know I will be far more appreciative when ours gets back on.


Debbie Mills Booth

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