Planning the important things

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This morning I began listing my To Do list for this month, albeit a little late, but in full detail. I realized I won’t be able to complete it all.

I enjoy writing on a fresh clean page of lined paper. All my ideas, all my thoughts, all my plans.

This morning was a bit overwhelming since I knew I wouldn’t be able to accomplish all these time sensitive projects.


I am reducing the To Do List.

I am negotiating with myself, what I need to do versus what I want to do.


But I have found that doing the top, most important tasks early in the day, reduces the chance of those tasks being interrupted.

Plan the day. Organize the day. Do the tasks that have purpose, and don’t get roped into meaningless tasks that will always be there. Yes they scream for attention and importance….but today is important and I don’t want to waste it.

Proverbs 3:5,6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, Lean not unto your understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

I have bigger dreams and aspirations that I ever have in my life. I want to fulfill God’s destiny with every day having purpose and meaning.

IMG_0702With that in mind, doing the most important, rather than doing what yells the loudest at me takes focus and determination.

But I am determined.

Blessings, Debbie Booth

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  1. That’s a nice reminder. To start with the most important. 🙂 Aside from that, I also start with the things that needs “both hands.” As a mom, I feel I have accomplished much by just doing those. 😁 The rest can be done even when the baby is awake. 😂

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