Americana Decor for your Planner

In the planner community and Bible journaling community, it is common to see people that enjoy adding a bit of art to their planners, or Bible margins. Whether artistic or not, it is simple to do.

Adding stickers, stamping designs, journaling, or even using watercolors and painting a pretty design is the norm. I often use printed quotes, or stamps to add an encouraging word to my pages.

blank diary notebook page
Photo by Pixabay on Some prefer to have a blank page to write on.

I enjoy adding pre – made artwork to my planner or journaling Bible. Rather than looking at a plain page, the artwork adds a little beauty to the page.

Americana 1

With July 4th coming up I made a quick printable to be used in a planner or journaling Bible. vintage patriotic squares watermark

Found here @ Americana Planner Printable  Purchased file has no watermark. Easily printed onto Full Sheet Sticker Adhesive paper. Using a small paper cutter, I cut the squares and then used them in my planner. Very simple to Do!

I like Americana, Vintage, Flag decor and more. There are times where a little stamp or sticker adds a bit of embellishment to a planner, like the right pair of shoes with an outfit!

I hope you have an amazing Week and July 4th celebration!


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