Free Vintage Style Graphics for Planner Clipart

Hey everyone! One of my favorite things is to use the Avery full page sticker sheet, and run off designs of my choice for my planner or use in Bible journaling. There are hundreds of cute designs for sale as well. Purchase, download and print. I print on white card stock and sticker adhesive sheets too. It is really pretty simple to make your own stickers.

Rose Tablecloth the flower fades copy

Right click on image below, a new option will open up. Click save. Save to your computer. Then when you are ready open up the file, and the image, and print it. It can be printed full page and framed, or printed at 50%, even smaller to be used in a planner or journaling  Bible.

Rose Tablecloth the flower fades




This page is to be saved and printed out full size. Then once it has been printed, cut and paste or use adhesive of your choice and adhere to the page you choose.


Print out, cut out and use in your planner, journal, Bible journaling, etc.

So easy peasy.

I’d rather look at a page with encouraging and uplifting words than just stare at my To Do list.  The list…is necessary. But it doesn’t direct me necessarily to my destiny. Work and chores are definitely part of the day (we live on a farm on 3 acres and there is a lot of chores!) but there are other things that capture my thoughts.

That is a good thing.

That is  a God thing!



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