Planning and Overriding the Plan!

There is such a thing as over planning. Ask me how I know. Often waking up early, and reading, doing my devotions, I make plans. I love figuring out how I can get my job and chores done, so that I can do something I love.

Big plans! Last Month and this month my intentions have been to write in as many known dates and plans as possible. This month however we were blindsided by a heart breaking loss. The plans the day before had been filled with wonderful celebrations and joyous family laughter. Then the loss came…and I remembered thinking how everything would be changed. It did change….the next few days were ones of comfort, eating together, talking, sharing, crying. All the other plans could wait till another day.


Loss can often be unplanned. You don’t see it coming. No matter how you prepare, you still aren’t quite ready for the impact, the heartbreak or the loss.

I remembered sitting with my Bible and planner in my lap. I found scriptures I knew would bring comfort to me.  I made sure I wrote the ones that seem to speak to me the most in my planner. At the top of the page where I’d see them first each day.

In fact that led me to some of my work I’ve been doing. Scripture based Bible journaling. Focusing on a theme or a topic, and then journaling based on that. I had been working on the theme Comfort. I was …..already…..working on the theme of Comfort. I had no idea what these scriptures would mean to me.

God of all comfort 1

God is the God of all comfort. As I read the scriptures this time, I read them experiencing comfort alongside the heartache. Peace alongside the pain. I was grateful for so many things even during this difficult time. Emmanuel. God was with us. I was so grateful for that.

Comfort Bible Journaling Scripture Art + Devotion

What a difference these scriptures made. God understands the loss, He understands the brokenness and the pain.

The plans and words in my planner bring a sober reminder, but also a grateful reminder. God knows just what we need, and when we need it.

Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. (He is all I ever need.)


Debbie Mills Booth



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