Beautiful Plans

Making plans for each day usually starts like this. I write in a positive word, scripture or quote at the top of my page. I want to see it first and give my thoughts a positive push in the right direction.

Then I jot down my to do list.


At the bottom of the page I write important things I can’t forget, but could be done the next day.

At the front of my month’s calendar I usually have a list of things I need to accomplish for the month.


This month that includes cleaning out a large linen closet and bathroom. While my husband and I were away visiting our son and his wife, that were having twins we got a call that our pipes had burst (from the freezing cold) and water was actively flowing. A wonderful friend of ours happened to be dropping things off at our house and heard the running water.

So he and another friend, stopped the leak and temporarily stopped water from flowing. It was in our linen closet and bathroom. So that has to be completely cleaned out and restored. Many things were ruined. But it is on my bigger monthly to do list.


But in the end, after we heard the news that our house was flooding, I remember looking at my husband saying we just got to see our twin newborn grandsons be born.  I was grateful to be there, to see it and to enjoy those first precious moments.

Disasters come and go!

Do not fear I’m with you, don’t be dismayed or depressed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you when you get overwhelmed. Isaiah 41:10



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