New B6 Planner & Bible Printable – Book of Remembrance

I’ve been working on a project for some time. Book o R 1It is a digital download Booklet. The purpose of the booklet is a simple one, to have a specific booklet to write things down in with encouraging scriptures on the pages. I needed a place to write down all the good things God has done in my life.

Book o R page 4When I began this project I had a few memories in the back of my head. But as I began to write down those memories, more and more thoughts came. Ideas from when I was little and prayed for God to help me, all the way to present day when I needed God’s strength in taking care of my sweet elderly parents. Sometimes it was a moment of strength, a good word, other times it was a financial miracle…the list is too numerous to share here.

Book o R 3rd page

I knew if this would build my faith, the process of remembering what God has done, it would build others’ faith and hopefully strengthen them. God wants us to remember and to share and teach the next generation. There is purpose and meaning in the remembering. It is to build our faith so that we are strong and focused – God is a good God and He helps us. Isaiah 41:10 Emmanuel God is always with us.

The booklet is simple to print, cut fold and begin using right away. I show step by step how to do this. I love how it turned out. See it here @ Book of Remembrance

Book o R page 2

The booklet has lined pages for you to write down your memories, your moments where God visited you and helped you, miracles, message notes and quotes that strengthened you. The digital download is filled with scriptures, and scripture art. It is for you to remember your moments in this life. Simple in design, purposeful in meaning, strengthening in Faith, and a reminder to us that God is all He says He is. Download, Print, fold, cut and start writing today.


Book o R inside page

I’ve committed to writing down all the good things God has done in my lifetime. Writing these moments, thoughts, special events and special people is like creating a personal landmark – So that when I see it I remember.

Don’t ever forget – God is a good God.



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