As for me and My House – Free Bible Journaling Printable

Working on several Spring inspired Bible journaling printables this month. This printable is so simple to use! Print out on paper or white card stock. Cut pieces out and then adhere to a Bible page in the margin, or use on a planner section, divider, or daily page.  I actually use a glue stick to adhere things. It is simple and inexpensive. I buy 2 or 3 and have one in my purse.

As for me and my houseThe scriptures are  reminders to us that we have made a decision, a wonderful decision actually to serve the Lord, to live for the Lord, to hold fast to God with all our hearts and souls! No giving up or quitting.

As for me and my house

The link above is the actual PDF design. Click on the link and  right click on the picture to save to your computer to print out and use!

I like Bible journaling. I like to add things, glue things in my Bible.


What I have found is that I like to glue a pretty design on the margin sides of my journaling Bible. Cut and paste it and BAM it is done! haha….I have found that my handwriting is not always pretty to look at. I print better than I hand write.


So I have leaned towards stamping words, using alpha stickers to spell out words on the open margins of my Bible.  For me it just looks prettier. Not that every page has to be pretty and perfect.

See my other post HERE using my simple  Bible Journaling Recipe.



Raising our kids we told them we ‘get to serve God’. We love the Lord, we will always serve the Lord. We don’t walk away. Our kids were in sports and we’d remind them in a funny way, ‘can you imagine if a soccer player on your team got hurt and then threw a fit and said that’s it, I”m not playing anymore, I quit?’ And then that team member just walked off the field? Well we don’t play soccer that way and we don’t live for God that way.

That is my daughter in this picture!

serve God like a soccer player

If you get knocked down….you get back up. Eyes on the goal. Purpose in your mind. Head towards the goal. Will there be opposition? Yes. That comes with the game.

Head towards the goal.

As for my and my House (family) we will serve the Lord.

Every day.

For the rest of our days.

Joshua 24:15.


Debbie Booth

Deuteronomy 6:5

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might

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