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Working on some new Planner goodies. I love (trying) to be organized. I make lists, I write things down, I work at putting the most important things I need to do at the top of my planner page, so they’ll get done.  But an emergency, or an important phone call happens. Often it is things that need tending to.  Maintenance. Like oil in a car. Water in the radiator. Paying the electric bill. Washing work clothes before the next day. Things that need….



While I’m a big list maker, and To Do tracker…I’ve found something more important than all those things. Those things are important yes….but when they are all done, when things are maintained…the clothes are washed, bills are paid, dishes are done, floors are swept, and to the eye things are in their place….then what?

What about big goals and destiny? Where do you fit time in for those things? Do you ever write those things down?  For me I have made a list of things I need and want to learn how to do…


Those desires and destiny oriented goals require something and that is TIME! But how do you fit that in to an already overloaded schedule?


Something else has to be taken out. Just like an overfilled car trunk, sock drawer, washer and dryer….for something to go in something has to go out. Reworking your schedule to lean into your goals is extremely important. Otherwise you will feel like you have no control over your life, and never became who you wanted to be!

Free Spring Bunny  Note Card below. Enjoy!

Spring bunny notecards

I’ve done a couple of things that have helped and have worked. I’ve said no to good things but not destiny oriented things. I cut out a couple t.v. shows hubby and I watch together at night, or I work on my work on my IPad while the show is on. I quit matching socks! This one was huge. Years ago, I started putting socks in a sock basket and everyone (applies to older kids not little ones) would go to the sock basket and grab two socks that (semi)matched and got dressed. Saved me hours of my life!

Did you know if you take 15 minutes every day and put it toward something, that in a weeks time it adds up to 2 1/2 hours!


Growing yourself, means letting go of things that may even be good but not important. Think about this, a student sets himself to study for college classes knowing there is a deadline. The information needs to be read, highlighted and known by a certain test date. If  a fun movie comes up, or going out with friends, a weekend away…all of these things great on their own, they take a second seat, because the goal is to GRADUATE FROM SCHOOL AND GET OUT OF THERE!  Haha….very true.

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Spring bunny notecards carrots

Decide today what you will be happy with tomorrow and work towards it. I heard John Maxwell say this, every day do something that focuses briefly and making yourself better, training you for where you want to be, and growing your skills.  He suggests at least an hour a day to do this if possible.  Fit in something at lunch, or in the evening, perhaps one day a week get up even earlier than you do….time somewhere has to be found. Time somewhere has to be let go of.

The good news is this doesn’t have to be done or decided upon over night. But it is good to reflect on this at some point if you are trying to re-train yourself and grow into a better you! It is definitely worth it.

Maintain your goals and your destiny. Pour into them. Grass is greener when it is watered. Your goals will grow when watered with time.



“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

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Spring Bunny pattern front


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