Spring and Easter Landmark

Hey everyone! I recently spoke with a friend of mine and discussed her Easter plans. She wasn’t sure what she and her husband were going to do. I hung my head and laughed, and she wanted to know what was funny. I told her when I married my husband many years ago that we always had an Easter service that we went to ( I was on the worship team and always had a big music production that I was involved in) and then afterwards we’d congregate to one of our family members house for Easter dinner. It was always a lovely time. My family was regular size, and my hubby had 5 siblings so it wasn’t too big.

But we always have Easter together and will for the rest of our lives. I always know what we are doing for Easter!


Move ahead 38 years and there are now over 60 of us, our kids married, lots of little ones running around.  The noise level is loud, lots of laughing and telling funny family stories.  But we have kept the tradition. It is fun. We make it a celebration. Easter is an incredible celebration of faith.

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If you are a believer you know well that it is celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Because we want our family, the next generation and generations after that to have a guideline for Easter we’ve done two things. We celebrate spiritually…and we celebrate family wise and make it a wonderful event when we get together. We pray over the meal and thank God for another year with our Blessed family.

We have little treat bags for the little ones with pencils, a bit of candy, Easter miniatures, notebook and stickers…tiny stuff that fits in a treat bag. Because we have so many kids we also have games, even prizes for older ones. We want them to take away something from our gathering. As the kids get older they will take away faith filled traditions that are incredible, meaningful and significant.

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It is very important to me that we make serving Christ wonderful for our kids. Our rules are no fighting or arguing or throwing fits…and that is for the adults! Haha! We also have a lot of food for a lot of people…it is a feast, a celebration and a memorable event. A sort of landmark.

A landmark is marking a place because something special happened there with special people.  VLUU L210  / Samsung L210VLUU L210  / Samsung L210


I hope you will think about having a Landmark with your family very soon.



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Shown here with watermark, but original file will not have watermark in the design.

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