Writing and What to Write

Hello everyone I hope you are doing well. Recently I was working on a project which required a great deal of writing and I thought it would be good to share a couple things I do that help me creatively and also organize my writing.

When writing I tend to have very creative bouts of writing (messy) and I try to write as thoughts, ideas and topics come. Sort of a brain dump but more specifically my goal is to write a word, phrase or sentence that when I come back to it I can pull that thought or picture in my head back up.image

Similar to bullet journaling I will take those writings and separate them into sections and most go in my planner but there are some that go into a larger  type planner.

But the initial writing may take more than one notebook and planner because I’ve found my brain will take off and many thoughts will come and they don’t seem to come sectioned but rather as an entire grouping. So the last thing that’s become very important is I have a master  file on my iPad that keeps the bigger list. It’s in my planner but thoughts that come may not be neatly organized. Later though I add them in my permanent file on my IPad so I can order and organize it there. This helps me tremendously! pexels-photo-461077.jpeg

I want to encourage you to write- write your thoughts, ideas, projects, lists, notes, reminders…. I know I use my phone a great deal for scheduling but this is something that you’ll see and that’s a good thing!

Habakkuk 2:2 says write it down, write the vision, make it plain and easy to understand and then run with it!




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