New Year, Good Plans, Good Words and Good Days!

Hey everyone! Bringing in the New Year is always an exciting time for our family. We look forward to the New Year and are usually grateful to say good bye to the passing year.

I’m very happy to be working on a New Planner by @thefoxyfix planner company. I have loved their leather planners for years and am grateful to have one. While creating the different sections to keep myself organized I always remind myself to put certain things first!  I have a couple scriptures that I have leaned on for many years. Those scriptures have navigated me through some very rough waters and seasons. The scriptures are important for me to read each day as a reminder, God is helping me, has never forsaken me and has good plans for my life.

A little side note: Ribbonwood is from the name of trees on our 3 acre  property. The bark comes of the trees shed bark in swirls of ribbon looking pieces, hence the name of Ribbonwood Trees. Where we live there are businesses, road names and more with Ribbonwood in the Title. I loved the name because of where we live and it just seemed natural to create my blog and business name after Ribbonwood.


So in doing this I created some new printables that can be used for planners, Bible journals, Bible journaling, or just used in a notebook!  I have a notebook filled with ideas for Scripture Journal cards and decorative planner accessories that elevate the planning process to a purposeful planning process. My planner is used for everything that is in my thoughts, and mind. To remember activities, events, things I need to do and not forget. But more importantly my planner holds precious promises from the Word of God that inspire, motivate me and keep me moving forward when days get sluggish and hard to function.

We know planning isn’t just To Do lists and activities. There is more to life than that and keeping track of those activities. We each have a God centered goal and destiny to fulfill. Mine I believe was raising remarkable kids who would accomplish great things. They are now grown and doing great things. I am blessed, humbled and thankful for what God has done in my kids lives.

Like you I have dreams and desires that haven’t quite reached breathing status or life in my life at this point. I am navigating those now, charting their path, and setting my course so I will reach those dreams in this lifetime and possibly this year! The printable below is free. Right click on it and save it to your computer. Remember to title it so you can find it. Print out on regular copy paper in landscape mode (side ways instead of portrait mode). Once printed out it can be folded in half and used in your Bible or journal. Write scriptures out that mean something to you and that are helpful. Encouraging words are a must in my everyday life and I use this to remind myself of God’s goodness.

Scripture Journaling 4 Squares

I want to inspire others, mainly women to achieve great things in their everyday lives, and to know God more intimately while creating a lovely little game plan (planner) that helps accomplish those desires.

Put God first.

Make Plans and pray over them

Do what has to be done, and pray for what you want to accomplish….in this lifetime.

Don’t give up!

Throw a load of laundry in while you pray. Cook a meal while you dream. Decorate your planner on a dreary day.

God is for you and can help you attain great things!

Psalm 27:13, 14

“I believe that I will see the goodness of the Lord in this world while I’m living. Wait with hope for the Lord. Be strong, and let your heart be courageous. Yes wait with hope for the Lord!’


Debbie (Mills)Booth

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