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Game Plan for Planning With Meaning and Purpose.

  1. Start with Good Words, Scriptures, Positive Quotes. When these are read first thing they will direct your thoughts and daily plans towards your goals, calling and destiny.
  2. Decide your purpose by asking the basic questions from my post here @        These simple questions are merely a guideline to help you target your strengths, assets, and desires for your life.
  3. Once your Purpose is in its basic stages begin writing notes that will route your activities towards your goals. As opposed to writing a To Do list and crossing off activities as they are completed. The To Do list is important if there are so many things to do in a day that the written reminder is a necessity. I use To Do lists daily, but I don’t elevate them above my Destiny activities. Those would be considered things I do to fill my Spirit, soul and body up so I don’t burn up, wear out, or collapse. (e.g. Exercise, Daily devotions, eating right, saying no to busy activities that lead nowhere.)
  4. Finish the day by taking just a minute or two in evaluation. Should I have spent two hours in an unproductive activity. Could I have listened to training or a positive message on a Pod Cast while doing necessary tasks. Is there a way I can better grow myself as a mom, wife, friend, employee by changing up my Daily activities?
  5. 15 minutes a day on an improvement activity totals 2 1/2 hours at the end of the week. Rather than saying I just don’t have time, add the 15 minutes of self improvement or spiritual growth activity while waiting in a car, or at a doctors appointment, sports event, driving(listening mode) or other open amount of time.cropped-good-words-good-plans-icon.jpg

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